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4 Professional Teacher Competencies

4 Professional Teacher Competencies
Professional Teacher Competency - Teachers are one of the important elements that must exist after the students. If a teacher does not have a professional attitude then students who are educated

will be difficult to grow and develop properly. This is because teachers are one of the foundations for the state in terms of education. With the existence of professional and qualified teachers will be able to print a nation of quality children as well. The key that every teacher should have is competence. Competence is a set of knowledge and teaching skills of teachers in carrying out their professional duties as a teacher so that the goal of education can be achieved well.

Meanwhile, the standard of competence contained in the Minister of National Education regulation on academic qualification standards and teacher competence where the regulation states that professional teachers should have 4 professional teacher competence that is pedagogic competence and personality, professional competence and social competence.

Of the four competencies of the professional teacher must be owned by a teacher through professional education for one year.

Here is an explanation of 4 professional teacher competencies:

1. Pedagogic Competence

This competence involves a teacher's ability to understand the characteristics or abilities of the pupil in various ways. The main way is to understand students through student cognitive development, designing learning and implementation of learning and evaluation of learning outcomes as well as student development.

2. Personality Competencies

This personality competence is one of the personal skills that must be possessed by a professional teacher by reflecting good personality to oneself, being wise and wise, being mature and authoritative and having noble character to be a good model sauri.

3. Professional Competence

Professional competence is one of the elements that must be owned by the teacher is by mastering the learning materials widely and deeply.

4. Social Competence

Social competence is one of the competencies an educator must possess through a good way of communicating with students and all education personnel as well as with parents / guardians of learners and the surrounding community.

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