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Arthropods have a role for human beings

Arthropods have a role for human beings
Arthropods have a role for human beings

Some of the animals that belong to the following arthropods have a role in human life.

1) Crustaceans

  • As a source of animal protein and high economic value Example: shrimp, crab, lobster.
  • As a source of fish food, especially Microcrustacea which is an important component forming zooplankton.

2) Myriapoda
Helps the process of decomposing organic waste, because of its ability to eat the waste particles (detritus) into smaller particles. Example: luwing / centipede.

3) Arachnida
Arachnida generally disadvantageous, because:

  • As ectoparasites in livestock animals. Example: tick
  • The nest causes the house to become dirty. Example: spider

4) Insects
Insects belong to a very diverse species. Therefore his role in human life is also diverse.
a) Profitable

  • Produce something useful for humans. Example: honeybees produce honey, silkworm cocoons produce silk fibers.
  • Helps pollination process / plant pollination. Example: butterfly, bee.
  • As a natural enemy of plant pests. Example: Ladybugs eat aphids.
  • Helping the process of degradation of organic waste. Examples: dung beetles, larvae help degradation of organic waste in the form of livestock manure.
  • As a media treatment of various diseases. Example: the forest bee (Aphis mellifera) is used for the treatment of various diseases, and has been proven to help cure various diseases, one of them is Aphiterapi technique, that is using bee media.
  • Animal protein source. Example: There are wooden locusts that use it as food.

b) Adverse

  • As a vector (infectious agent) various diseases Examples: Anopheles sp mosquitoes, Aedes aygepti mosquitoes, Culex sp mosquitoes, tsetse flies, tabanus flies, and house flies.
  • Destructive crops Example: Lepidoptera worms / larvae eat various foliage, coconut beetles feed on coconut shoots, walang sangit sucking young rice seeds

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