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How To Quickly Learn Computer

How To Quickly Learn ComputerHow To Quickly Learn Computer
For friends who have not megusai computer especially the same time never been in contact with the computer, computer learning may be a frightening activity. How unusual people who still lay with the computer world will feel worried when will begin to learn, afraid the computer is damaged, fear error, taku, and many other fears that ultimately you decide not to learn computer.In this post I will discuss how to quickly learn computer without having to feel afraid.
The first and most important step is to suggest yourself that you are the same as others who have advanced computer skills. It is important to convince yourself that you are in fact ordinary.Next step ask support from friends or anyone you trust to be willing to fix the computer that you use to learn if whenever you have a problem or error. I suggest that you learn on a personal computer, when learning on your own computer fears and concerns can be minimized bias.
If both steps above you have done then start from simple things, for example learn to turn on and turn off the computer, then open and close the file, membuaka and close the application.The next step to recognize the computer keyboard buttons. Get used to typing 10 fingers, bias done slowly step by step bias also by playing the game. Game related skills typing 10 fingers of this bias you searcing on google, or if you are not regular surfing regularly ask your colleagues who have been familiar with the internet.
After this thing is not so obstacle for you begin to focus on the application you want to learn, usually for beginner enough learn ms. Office. Why ? because ms. Office is an application to create and edit word processing-based documents. For example, correspondence, writing prose, writing short stories, writing pantun. Anyway things have to do with writing ms sentences. Office is the place.
At the time of writing write things that make you feel good, if you are in love for example, write love letters, love poems, if you senag make stories to make a story. By writing things that you enjoy then you will not quickly feel tired and the learning process will be fun,Use ms manuals. Office, where is it? Books of this kind are many in the bookstore. Buy? Yes buy. By buying you will have the book. Why not all not in this post just written tuts ms. The Office? Patient boss ... learn to be patient to do step by step.
Ok sob. Happy learning computer, hopefully this quick way to learn computer is useful for you. The key word is do not fear wrong, do not be afraid of broken. Thank you for your visit, see you in the next post.

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