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Sports or traditional games in Banten province Indonesia Part 1

Hello friends this time the admin will share information about Sports or traditional games in the province of Banten Indonesia. In Banten Indonesia there are many names and types of sports or traditional games. There are sports and games played by women and some are played by men and there are also games or sports that can be played by men and women.
Here are the Sports and games in Banten province of Indonesia.

1. Sports and games that women lift

a. Congklak

Sports or traditional games in Banten province Indonesia Part 1Congklak is a kind of sport or game played by two girls, played while sitting face to face usually they play on the porch of the house or dibalai-hall house. The name congklak sediri is actually the name of this game tool yaknisebilah wood size of approximately 20 cm wide and approximately 40 - 50 cm long, there are eight circular holes facing each other with the same size and there are also two larger holes on the other side of the wood part the hole is also facing each other and this hole is called "mountain"
Apart from a piece of hollow wood was another object used in this game that is shell shells.
How and the rules of the sport or the game cingklak
- How to play
Congklak played by two daughters, How to play this game first eight holes filled with mussel shells each hole filled with seven shells or shells can also be filled with other amounts in accordance with the player's agreement. Then one of the first players will take the shells from one of the holes and the shells are moved one by one the holes that are beside the right hole that had been taken, if all the shells of the shells have been exhausted, then the hole that gets the last shell will be empty and the shells will be operated on the holes beside them, and so on.

- Game Rules
The sports or cockabe game is actually very simple, but it's important to be obeyed by both players because if one player breaks the agreed rules then the game is no longer interesting to play. As for Sports or Congklak game is
. the player who runs the first game is the player who draws the draw. Caran raffle this game is unique that denagn gangsut way. Gangsut is a way to draw the way the two players throw a finger together. If a player takes out his thumb and his opponent takes out his index finger, the thumb that wins, the details are the thumbs down by the little finger, the little finger loses by the index finger and the thumb is lost by the thumb.

  • As previously noted that the first player will empty one of the holes containing the shells and move the shells to the holes on the right side, when the shells are exhausted then the last hole that gets the shells will be stabilized and the shells will filled in the holes thereafter. But if the last shell falls on an empty hole, then the game will be continued by the opponent.
  • The player will be deemed victorious if after the eighth hole has been empty and his "mountain" gets the most shells.

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