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Sports or traditional games in Banten province Indonesia Part 2

Ok our friends continue again posting related sports or typical tadisional game Banten province of Indonesia. Sports or traditional games typical Banten province Indonesia played by the next woman is "Beklas".

Sports or traditional games in Banten province Indonesia Part 2
b. Beklas

Beklas is one of the sports or games performed by women. This game is performed by two girls with a small cater ball with a diameter of 2 cm, and about 15 pieces of shellfish, again the shell of a shell that is a tool of the game, why should the shell shell? Because banten is located on the shore of Sunda strait which of course the shells are easily folded.

1. How to play

  • the first stage

          How to play this game is very simple, players who get the first turn (players who won lottery by way gangsut) play menggenggama and rubber ball in one grip, bias using the left hand or right hand, but usually used the right hand. Then the rubber ball is thrown up and then slams the shells of the shell casually, after the shells are crushed rapidly with the same hand (not allowed to use two hands) recap the rubber ball after bouncing first.
Furthermore, when thrown back. As long as the ball floats and falls and bounces once, the shell's shell is reversed in the supine position. This is done repeatedly until all the shells are supine.
  •  the second stage

If the player succeeds in completing the first stage then the player proceeds on the second stage of taking shell scattered shells on the same floor, at first the player takes with 2 shells. Apabiala has run out again thrown again rubber ball and slammed the clasp that was grasped then throw the ball again quickly took 3 pieces shells. And so on until the shellfish is taken with the number of 5 pieces.
  • the third stage (last stage)

This stage is done without the ball players enough clutching the shells, then a little throw the shells are then caught with the back of the hand. The process of throwing and catching shells should only be done with one hand.

2. Game rules

The rules of the game in this sport or defenders game are:
  • The player must successfully catch the ball and succeed in completing the stages of the game. If it fails then the game will be continued by the opponent.
  • players declared win if at the end of the game get the most shells.

Maybe this game is in other areas outside of Banten with different names and regulations. But the lessons we can take from sports or games in banten Indonesia is the value of sportsmanship and kejujuranyang high. Why not, in every game there is no referee but the players in this game remain honest and sportive.

So the discussion this time, if there is less clear in the presentation please leave a message in the comment field. Thank you for visiting all friends. See you in my next post is still about sports or typical game Banten Province of Indonesia.

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