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The main cause of Jakarta every year is flooding

There are some things that become the main cause of jakata as flood year

The main cause of Jakarta every year is flooding
1. Flood Deliveries
The main cause of Jakata in the first flood year is the deluge of mails. . While in Jakarta there is no heavy rain but in the heavy rainy peak, Jakarta would be flooded. People call it flood shipment. Why so? The "Peak" area in Bogor is higher than Jakarta. In the peak of the cold air many established villas where vacationing. Construction of villas in "Peak" is done by cutting down trees in the forests of the area. As a result, the forest area is much reduced. When the "Peak" is pouring rain, the rain keeps flowing down because there are no tree roots that can retain rainwater in the soil. Rain water continues down to the lower plains to collect in the river Ciliwung, because high water debit Ciliwung river could not accommodate the water ciliwungpun river as a result of overflow

2. Less water absorption areas
 The main cause of Jakarta as the second year of flood is the open land for infiltration in Jakarta is getting narrower. Much of the land has been transformed into buildings and cemented. When it rains, very little water can be absorbed by the soil. The rest of the rainwater flows into the gutter and continues into the river.
To accommodate the rain water that goes down in Jakarta just need a wide and deep river. Moreover, if added rain water that flows from the highlands, such as Bogor and Puncak. Therefore, the river will not fit all the water. As a result, the water overflowed and flooded Jakarta.

3. Geographical location
The main cause of Jakarta as the third year of flood is the location of Jakarta which is near the sea. The rivers in Jakarta receive a steady stream of river water from Puncak and Bogor. If the river in Jakarta is large enough to accommodate the swift river, certainly there will be no flooding. However, many Jakarta's rivers are narrow and shallow. In addition to the mud, narrow and shallow river in Jakarta also due to bad habits of residents who throw garbage into the river.

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