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The Process of Migrating Proto Malay and Deutro Malay to Indonesia

The Process of Migrating Proto Malay and Deutro Malay to Indonesia

The Process of Migrating Proto Malay and Deutro Malay to IndonesiaDutch historian Van Heine said that since 2000 BC, which coincided with the Neolithic period until 500 BC, along with the bronze age, there was a wave of migration from Asia to the islands south of mainland Asia to Indonesia. Around 1500 BC, they were driven from Campa and then moved to Kampuchea and continued on to the Malacca peninsula. Meanwhile, other nations go to the islands south of Asia, namely Austronesia (austro means south, nesos means island).

A nation that inhabits the Austronesian region is called the Austronesians. The Austronesians occupied a vast region, covering islands stretching from Madagascar (west) to Easter Island (east) and Taiwan (north) to New Zealand (south). The opinion of Van Heine Geldern is reinforced by the discovery of ancient human equipment in the form of square stone pickaxe in Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan and Sulawesi in the west. Such purchases are also found in Asia, in Malaysia, Burma (Myanmar), Vietnam, Kampuchea, and especially in the Yunan region (South China region).

 Population movements in the second wave occurred around 500 BC along with the bronze age. This displacement brings a bronze culture, such as ax shoe and nekara or drum which originated from the Dongson region so-called Dongson culture. Dongson's cultural advocates are Austronesian people living on islands in the Continent of Asia and Australia. The ancestors of the Indonesian nation left the Yunan area in the upper reaches of the Salween River and the Mekong River, whose land was fertile so they were good at farming, sailing and trading. In subsequent developments, the various tribes that inhabit the territory of Indonesia then formed their own communities so that they get a separate title.

They came across the archipelago using a means of transportation, namely the outrigger. They sail in groups without fear and then occupy various islands in the archipelago. This makes it clear that the ancestors of the Indonesian nation were great sailors who had a strong marine soul. They have the intelligence in sailing, navigation, and full astrology.

 In addition, they found the model outrigger boat which is a strong boat and able to face the waves as well as the typical ship of the Indonesian nation. The Austronesians who entered the archipelago and then settled in the archipelago were named as the Malay Austronesian or Indonesian Malay. Those who entered Aceh into the tribe of Aceh, who entered the Kalimantan region called the Dayak tribe, which to West Java called the Sundanese, who go to Sulawesi called Bugis tribe and Tanah Toraja, and those who enter the area of ​​Jambi called Kubu tribe (Lubu ).

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