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Types of Ancient Humans in Indonesia

Types of Ancient Humans in Indonesia

Types of Ancient Humans in Indonesia
Research on ancient human or human fossils is actually the field of study of the anthropology of the bodies, namely paleoanthropology. In Indonesia, ancient human fossils were mostly found in Java. The findings in Java have significance because they come from all ages or layers of the Pleistocene so that it is clear the development of human bodies. The first man to appear on earth when the Pleistocene age from Pithecanthropus to Homo sapiens. Because of the length of time, the remains of humans are already fossilized into fossils. Early humans are called fossil humans.

Based on the findings of early humans in Indonesia are classified into three types, namely type Meganthropus, Pithecanthropus type, and Homo type. From the results of research and excavation, early humans in Indonesia was found in the valley of the River Bengawan Solo, Brantas River valley, and Wajak area, Tulungagung. So, in ancient times people lived around the river even into a village area because it provides abundant life. In order to know the human condition biologically in the primeval period, we need to know how and where the human position in nature and its relationship with others. The system used in the classification of living things is a system based on evolution. The biological evolution that lasted millions of years did not leave the evidence complete and clear. Therefore, there must be a choice of various theories put forward by many experts.

Biological evolution is not a change of an organism from the egg - born - adult - old - die stage. Biological evolution is the change of a taxon into another taxon or the old taxon changes slightly. Thus, the viewpoint of evolution is not the individual, but the population. Darwin in the nineteenth century put forward his famous biological evolutionary theory. The theory of evolution sparked a new mindset, namely that taxon is not static, but dynamic, through a long period, and all these living things are related. Darwin in his book The Origin of Species put forward the theory that the species that live today are from species that lived in the past and occurred through natural selection. One widely accepted theory is the human evolution of Australopithecus through Homo erectus to Homo sapiens. Australopithecus who plays a role in this case is Australopithecus africanus, then through Australopithecus habilis (also called Homo habilis). 
Between Homo erectus and Homo sapiens, there is Homo neaderthalensis, and there is also a more general characteristic of Neanderthals approaching Homo sapiens species. If we distinguish early humans from Homo sapiens, it would be obvious that:
Types of Ancient Humans in Indonesia
1. Ancient human brain cavity is smaller than Homo sapiens,
2. ancient human brow bone protrudes forward,
3. the mandibular bone is straight back so no chin,
4. ancient human jaw bone stronger and bigger, and
5. early humans do not live permanently and always move around. Therefore, Homo sapiens is regarded as the most perfect species that became the ancestor of man and then spread throughout our earth.

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